A short tutorial of implementing
Disqus - A comment plug-in.

Start tutorial

A - Disqus account

1. Open your Disqus account
2. Choose "I want to install Disqus on my site"
3. Enter your Website name, and choose a category
4. Select a Plan (Basic is Free)
5. Scroll down on "What platform is your site on?" page and select "I don't see my platform listed..." (at the bottom)
6. Copy all the code from the 1st box. Looks like this:

B - Webflow code

7. Paste the copied code from Disqus in an "Embed code" widget on your website, in the desired location.

C - Configuration

8. Go back to Disqus, press "Configure" at the bottom of the page
9. Configure your Disqus widget as you like, insert your website url
10. Press "Complete Setup"
11. Press "Configure your site's community settings" for more options
That's It! You're all done :)
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